Life in the Spirit for Youth

"I choose you before you were born, and I selected you to be a prophet to the nations...Do not say you are too young, but go to the people I send you to, and tell them everything I command you to say. Do not be afraid of them, for I will be with you to protect you. I, the Lord, have spoken!" -- Jeremiah 1:4,7

What is LitS?

Life in the Spirit Seminar (LITS) is a retreat
used by God to bring teens to a personal
relationship with Jesus Christ
through the power of the Holy Spirit,
based on the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit
found in 1Cor. 12:8-10.

It consists of talks, skits, small group discussions and
laying on of hands for the baptism of the
Holy Spirit.

ROOTS: At Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, a group of students met regularly
with several professors to study scripture and to pray. After two years the group
agreed to make a retreat weekend together. This was in February 1967. At the beginning of the retreat the students were asked if they were ready for what God could do in their lives. Patty Gallagher Mansfield, one of the students says that "Jesus was asking us to let him reign, not simply to acknowledge him as an important person, but to allow him into the very center of our lives". She recounts, "On Saturday evening during
a birthday party at the retreat, I wandered up into the chapel to see if my friends were there, I didn't plan on praying. I was simply going to call my friends down to the party.
But as I entered and knelt in the presence of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, I
trembled with the awareness that it was God himself, in all his holiness, before whom I
had come. I said a prayer of total surrender. The only word that came to my mind was
"stay" and yet I knew that what I experienced was meant to be shared. Without
fully understanding, I was convinced that God intended for all his people to know his
love and presence in a deep, personal way. Before the end of the party, all the students
were drawn into the chapel. We didn't fully understand that what was happening
among us was a release of the power of God's Spirit and that we would become known as the first Catholic Charismatic prayer group. In the weeks and months following that retreat weekend, God's Spirit was lavished in their lives. The gifts of the Spirit described
in 1Cor. 12 were poured out upon them: some praised God in tongues; some were healed; Scripture came alive in power; the courage to witness to Jesus Christ grew among them.1 This was the foundation for the retreat now known as the Life in the Spirit Seminar. The same retreat that in 1984 was restructured into a retreat for teens
that uses peer ministry. Youth to youth ministry is our focus through skits, dramas, talks, testimonies and lively music.


Where did this retreat come from?

In 1980, when we discovered the awesome power of healing through the gift of the Holy Spirit, we were introduced to the Charismatic Renewal. With it, came an end to the search for something more in the Catholic Church. Soon afterwards, we attend our first prayer meeting and were ushered into our first Life in the Spirit Seminar. With the hunger for more of Jesus, came the awareness that our children were missing out. Because they experience Mom's physical healing and miracle, they also wanted more. They were sharing with their friends about the change in our lives and their friends also became curious. The birthing of Mountains of Praise Youth Prayer Group, was only a matter of time. On any given Friday night, it was not uncommon to see forty to fifty teenagers come together searching for God. We did not know what to do with them. The adults were bothered by their energy, lack of attentiveness and lack of knowledge of God. The same thing was happening at St. Vincent de Paul Prayer Group and in 1984, met with their youth leader and formed the first Life in the Spirit youth team. We trained the young people to do the talks, lead the small groups and pray-over people. The thing that makes this retreat different is the fact that youth-minister-to-youth. Young people have been put-down and abused by the previous generation causing them to isolate themselves and trust primarily each other. So when youth-speak-to-youth, teens listen. By 1985 lots of parishes began requesting the LitS Retreat and the team goes on the road. 1985 was a significant year for the office of youth ministry because Monsignor Thomas Flanagan becomes the Liaison for the Catholic Center for Charismatic Renewal,
who in 1998 becomes Bishop and joins the team.

In 1986, while in prayer and questioning God about the lost generation, my husband received "Word of Knowledge" as to the true meaning of the word CATHOLIC. Beginning to write...the words that appeared on the paper, was the acronym for Catholic. Call all to heal our lives in Christ. The Lord wants his children healed. Youth encountered the forgiveness and love of God, and experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit. The restoration of the 'young' Catholic church had begun. In 1999 Bishop Thomas Flanagan and Bishop Patrick Zurick recommend the LitS Retreat to the entire Archdioceses of San Antonio. After the retreats, youth
were going home, praying in tongues and confessing to their parents the sins of their contrite hearts. Parents were confused and concerned. The solution came through an invitation for parents and sponsors to also partake in the youth retreat. Transformation happens to the entire families. The retreat is designed to be given in ONE day (9 hours). Since lots of teens are involved in after school programs or work on weekends, it was difficult to get them to commit for seven weeks or even a weekend. The one day retreat works very well. Since our pioneer days, the LitS Retreat has become a basic tool to prepare youth for the Sacrament of confirmation. From the year 2002 through 2006, over 10,000 youth, parents and sponsors have been baptized in the power of the Holy Spirit. Youth teams have been formed from San Antonio to New Braunfels to Austin to Ft. Worth, TX.

Contact Information

Catholic Center for Charismatic Renewal
Y.S.C. Youth Staying Connected Office

Y.S.C. Youth Office Directors - Rudy & Delfie Garcia

1707 S. Flores
San Antonio, TX 78204

Office: 210-226-7070
Cell: 210-363-3097


Need a retreat!? Here is what we offer!

When it comes to Ysc Productions we bring EVERYTHING to the table! All you have to do is sit back relax and watch. We provide many services such as prayer. Our team has a wonderful prayer group that will gladly pray with you. If you need teaching are team come equip with the vast knowledge of bible scriptures and demonstrations. Worship is definitely a must with us. So we will provide a house band or music for praise and worship. We are on FIRE and ready for you to book us. We provide the material. All u have to do is sit back and enjoy the excitement!!


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How to book a retreat!?

Our Life In The Spirit Teen Manual are available for you. Please send us an email sending in your request of the number of Teen Manual and Skit Manual you’re interested in (below are the prices). Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to see what God is doing with your group.

Please email the youth office at

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Would you like to Join our team or Form a team?

In the past number of years, it has become apparent that there is a tremendous need for young people to become evangelized. It is also apparent that teens have been lied to and hurt causing them to isolate themselves, trusting only their peers.
is what makes this retreat unique. Young people trust each other, thus it is important to teach the youth teams the importance of who they are as the young church.  That they have something to give to their generation that no one else can give.

A work shop is available if you are interested in forming a team of young people either in a group, parish, or archdiocese.

For more information:

The Catholic Center for Charismatic Renewal
YSC--Youth Office
Delfie Garcia-Youth Director
1707 S. Flores
San Antonio, TX 78204



Are You Looking for Our Teen Manual and Skit Manual?

Our Manuals are available for purchase, please contact us if you are interested.

The Life in the Spirit Tean Manual

This manual is based off of the Life in the Spirit adult book. Our manual makes it easy for teens to understand the in-depth theological terms in their own language.

The Skit Manual is also available

These skits were created to be incorporated with, Life In The Spirit Team Manual, LitS Team manual for teens. Each skit drama complements and enhances the message of each of the talks. There are seven skits to be incorporated into each of the talks.  Be creative when using this book and allow the team to add or change the script depending on the needs of the culture or region being served


We have seen thousands of teens lives change because of this retreat manual.

You may ask yourself what makes this retreat different than any other.

After a retreat all are invited to join the team and participate in growing their faith by joining on team. There are always jobs for them to help out with. So not only does their faith get ignited for God at the retreat but there is an opportunity for their fire to keep on burning.



Ordering Manual Informaiton

Life in the Spirit Teen Manual and
Life in the Spirit Teen Skit Manual with DVD and CD
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Skit Manual w/ DVD and CD included             $20.00
Teen Manual & Skit Manual Set                      $50.00

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