"Take Jesus 2 The Streets"


Alex Gotay

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Youth Rally and Procession




What is "TakeJesus2TheStreets" Youth Rally?

This Youth Rally event started as a dream. The young adult core was sitting in the office and we watched an old video that was filmed in New York on YouTube; it was amazing! The people were walking through the streets of New York with the Blessed Sacrament, the REAL PRECENCE of JESUS CHRIST, AMAZING!!!

We wanted it to do that here in San Antonio and the dream started to become reality. It has been a great journey seeing this event become what it is today. It is amazing to see the Catholic youth of today’s generation join together as the bigger church and claim the streets here in San Antonio for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our major goal of the event is to make others aware of the Real Presents of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and to claim the city for Christ. So please come and join us this year and we will join together and worship our Lord and Savior.

Event Details

San Antonio, TX
Sunday, October 9, 2016

Featured Guest

Alex Gotay

Theme for rally and procession

Featured Band

This event needs young talented musicians to come together and share their talent with the bigger church.  There are a few opportunities that bands can show their talent for God.

“House Band” for the Youth Rally
Playing on one of the many trailers in the Blessed Sacrament Procession
Playing for Our Sacred Mass at 7pm

Every year around 5 or 6 bands from around the archdiocese come and help make this event the success that it is.  Throughout the year while attending other ministries that the Youth Office is involved in, this the time we are scouting for more talent to help spread the good news.  Even then God sends someone walking through our office door, or and e-mail and sometimes even a phone call comes through and it is a band that would like to serve Our Lord and play.  As you see it takes an army to come together and create the event and make it happen. Are you supposed to be part of this army? Do you want to be one that storms the heaven for God?

These bands prepare their trailers with flowers, banners, sound, lights, and whatever then want in order to make Jesus Shine, and then they play there heart out for Jesus.

So if you are interested in being an instrument for God; call, email, send smoke signals, pray that your guardian angel talks to our guardian angel, really whatever is best for you to get the word to us.   If all of the positions are filled for the opportunities for this event, we are always in need throughout the year for bands to par-take in.

Hear from you soon!


Registration Fees

Registration fee for "TakeJesus2TheStreets" Youth Rally:

Meal NOT Included


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The YSC Offcie is always looking for volunteers to work in the office with data entry, creating props etc. Contact our office.

Catholic Center for Charismatic Renewal
Youth Office
1707 S. Flores
San Antonio, TX 78249


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Procession Bands

Every year around 5 or 6 bands from around the archdiocese

These bands come together and help spread the good news through worship during the procession. The prepare the trailers and play there heart out for Jesus.