What is going on here?

Someone who attends a Catholic Charismatic Renewal event may be puzzled by whats going on. They may have questions about the terminology being used and other phenomena such as praying in tongues.

What is the Catholic Charismatic Renewal?
Cardinal Leon Suenens from Belgium was instrumental in fostering the renewal when it emerged in the church in 1967. During the Vatican 2 Council discussions of one area that were given fresh consideration was charisms. Pope John xxii interceded by saying," Renew Thy wonders in this our day, as by a new Pentecost." Other references referring to the bible include: 1 Corinthians 12:7, 11 ande 1 Thessalonians 5:12, 19-21. In fact the pouring out of these gifts by the Holy Spirit has occurred in this our day and is given for the up building of the Body of Christ. A variety of charismatic gifts continue to be experienced by people in over 200 countries as of 2000AD. A common experience among people through this Renewal is baptism in the Holy Spirit or a release of the Holy Spirit in the lilfe of an individual.
What is a prayer meeting?
It is a gathering of people who come together to pray together. A formal prayer service may be planned with a worship service. You may also have individuals read aloud a scripture text that comes to mind during the prayer meeting. Or you could also have people sharing words that they believe come from God. These word gifts are spoken a loud to everyone and come in the forms of prophecy, a word of knowledge and a word of wisdom.
What is a Charismatic?
This is an individual who has the charisms of the Holy Spirit that they receive to do the work of God.
Discerning durring the prayer meeting?
This is where an individual is asked to look through the scripture to share with the whole group.
A word from God.
This occurs when people have opened themselves up more to the Holy Spirit. They have read scripture durring there personal time and have a sense of how God loves us and how he responds to our situations. They sense that God wants to share something with the group. In a small group it will be fairly easy. In a large group you will have someone discern and or agree or disagree that is this what God wants to say. A word of encouragement or exhortation may be referred to as a gift of prophecy. A word indicating that God wants to do something in particular may be a word of knowledge
A teaching is prepared by someone who is gifted in this area and who knows how to explain things in a way that is easily understood. It is not necessary that this person be a professional teacher to be used by God in this ministry. The teaching may be a reflection on a passage from scripture or some other inspirational writing.
Prayer Ministry
This is offered after the prayer meeting. That means that if someone has the need for prayer for any reason whatsoever. There is a team or there are teams of people who will listen to their need and pray with them to God, asking that a particular need to be met. The people who are praying may sense that they receive a word from God for the person. It may not make sense to the person who shares it, but it may make sense to the person receiving it. This could be a word of knowledge and may help the persons praying and the person being prayed for to better understand how to pray. The people who are praying may have some words of wisdom or counsel for the person. It is always important for the person who is receiving the prayer to be part of the discernment. He or she may say that it does or does not make sense to them.
Intercession is when a person has a specific prayer request and decides to go to a "intercessor"(a person who pleads on their behalf to God.)
A conference generally includes songs of praise and worship for an extended amount of time and talks that might be of a teaching or inspirational. Often there is a healing service and prayer for a greater release of the Holy Spirit and charisms. These conferences can be held internationally or in a single country at a national conference. Or it can be a regional or local one as well.
Healing Service
People in the Renewal believe that God continues to heal people today through the prayer of others. Many Catholics believe this as evidenced by the fact that they ask others to pray for them when they are ill or about to undergo surgery. Within charismatic renewal there is a belief that Jesus heals in many ways, sometimes in direct (and immediate) response to prayer and sometimes in the usual step by step manner that a person heals. A person is open to whatever way Jesus may heal. Some people recieve a charismatic gift of praying with others for their healing. In other words their prayer is answered quickly.